Saturday, December 15, 2012

Midwife Arrested in CA After 22 Years of Faithful Service

By now some of you may have already seen the story of Brenda Capps, a Traditional and Christian Domiciliary Midwife who was arrested in CA last month. She has served families there for 22 years, and has a better safety record than just about any physician that I have ever known of (even when you break it down to only low-risk women!). She was not arrested because a mom or baby died. She was not arrested because a family reported her. She was arrested after being named in another case, even though she had nothing to do with said case.

There are many who are shaking their heads, saying that she knew better and should have just been licensed. Many more disagree with this sentiment. You see, Brenda has served the women in California that other, Licensed Midwives, would not and/or could not. She has served the women who have found themselves carrying twins or a breech baby that would not turn. She has served the women who have had multiple cesareans.

She served me. She was my Midwife, seven years ago. After every other single Midwife had turned me down due to multiple factors, she believed in my body's ability, and wasn't bound by state regulations that were put together by Physicians. Without Brenda, I would have ended up in the operating room again. She believed in me and supported me through the birth of my posterior, 10lb 10oz baby girl. My triumphant HBAC.

There is a desperate need for Midwives who serve families, and not the state. We need more, not less of women like Brenda.

Technically, Brenda didn't even do anything wrong according to the law. According to the Licensed Midwife Practice Act of 1993 (CA), it is only unlawful to represent oneself as a Licensed Midwife when one is not. Brenda NEVER did this. Each and every one of the families she served knew with full disclosure, from Brenda, that she was not licensed. Each family signed her religious exemption clause. Families chose Brenda BECAUSE of her status, not in spite of it.

Even if you don't fully agree with what Brenda has done over 22 years, can't you agree that the rights of women to choose their birth attendants (even if that means no one at all!) are at stake here? If you do, please sign a petition that was put together on behalf of Brenda, and women's rights. We are hoping to see the petition hit over 2,000 signatures. We want the medical board to know that women and men are SPEAKING UP about their choices being limited to what the Medical Board thinks is appropriate.

Please sign it. Share it. This is such a vital issue.

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