Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birth Services in Southern Utah

Have you ever been curious about home birth? Have you had those "what if..." questions?

Have you ever been curious about waterbirth?

Have you had a cesarean, and were told you have to have another?

A great thing to do, is to ask questions, and interview multiple care providers. I offer free initial consultations, in which you can ( and are encouraged to! ) ask any and all questions you can think of. And the great part is, there is no obligation to hire me as your Midwife. Sometimes the first step is being able to ask all of the questions you are curious about. Like, what happens if an emergency arises?

Home Birth is a safe, healthy alternative for low risk women who want to birth on their terms and in their own environment. For reasons why home birth is safe and a great option, read the last post ( 10 Reasons to Birth at Home )

If you'd like to check out the services that I offer, you can go here: Joyful Birth Services

And to schedule a free initial consultation, email me at JoyfulBirthServices@gmail.com, or call 435-216-5411

Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 Reasons to Birth At Home

Many people still see home birthing as weird, crazy, or even dangerous. These same people usually don't take the time to research it, and see *why* women choose to birth at home. ( Well, other than the assumed crazy, paranoid reasons )

So, why don't we take a look at 10 simple reasons to birth at home. I could probably list 100 of them, but I'll start with 10. ;)

10. You remain an autonomous woman throughout labor and birth. You're not treated as a sick person, you don't have to put on a hospital gown, and you're not told what to do.

9. Your husband/partner can take breaks as needed, and he's in his own home. He doesn't have to wander the halls to look for a vending machine or a cafeteria. He can even play video games. ( The big plus to my husband )

8. You can eat and drink as you wish. You are not restricted to ice chips, you are actually encouraged to eat healthy, protein-filled snacks and meals.

7. You don't have an IV. In a home birth, you drink as your source of hydration. There is no IV placed in your hand, and you are free from that cumbersome IV pole.

6. There are fewer complications at home. This is from multiple studies done over multiple decades. At home, fewer ( next to zero ) episiotomies are done. In the hospital, some have a nearly 80% episiotomy rate. At home, fewer babies need help breathing at birth ( 17 times LOWER risk at home ). At home, shoulder dystocia is less likely, even for those HUGE babies. ( even though the HUGE babies are not the ones at more risk for this, despite the myths ) At home, fewer moms hemorrhage. At home, fewer moms tear.

5. There is never a risk of mixing up babies. There is only one brand new baby at home ( well, 2 if twins ), and you know he's yours.

4. There is never a risk of mixing up medications. There are no medications, but even if there were there would be no possibility of getting someone else's meds, and dying.

3. There are no drugs. Now, this may seem like a bad thing to some women, but it's a good thing for EVERY baby. A baby born without drugs, is a healthier baby. You don't put baby at risk for drug-related conditions at birth, when there are no drugs to begin with. And without an epidural, you're not at risk for the myriad complications to both mom AND baby that come with one.

2. As many, or as few people can be in the room with you when you birth. From children to grandparents and anyone in between. And, anyone you wish can catch the baby. It makes birth what it should be - a family event.

1. You are giving your baby the greatest gift of all - a non-interventive, drug-free, peaceful, safe birth...and on your terms, not a surgeon's. There are no birth do-overs, so why not give your baby the best birth possible?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just beautiful! Woman sings at 10cm in labor...

I thought I would share this, even though it is a hospital birth. This woman has a beautiful voice, and had her nurse/doctor in tears. The video had ME in tears.