Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Incentives for Cesarean Delivery?!

My stomach just lurched. Did you hear it? Some people tend to believe that my remarks about hospitals and doctors pushing cesareans are either paranoid or blatantly wrong. I ask you - if a hospital *wasn't* trying to make money off of this, why would they offer an open house with refreshments and door prizes?

It makes me absolutely ill to think of major abdominal surgery being talked about with such levity. "The one place where getting a 'C' is never average." ( Can't you just hear the airy laugh to go with that statement? )

This is a hospital in Ogden, touting it's newly opened Cesarean Wing. Aren't hospitals supposed to be making effort to REDUCE the number of cesareans performed? And I can assure you that they wouldn't have an open house complete with snacks and prizes if they were ONLY targeting the high risk women who NEED a cesarean to save the lives of their babies. That would be too small a number to open up a new wing in the hospital.

Where is their birth center wing, complete with birthing tubs, birth balls, and birth stools? Ah, but there isn't any money in drug-free, intervention-free birth. It's all about the surgery. The cesarean wing is complete with nice shiny flat screen TVs as well. Too bad mom will likely be in a drug haze and won't get to experience her "soothing, homelike ambiance" with said flat screen TV. :shrug: And don't forget to mention the state-of-the-art NICU that the cesarean babies will need, since we know that the majority of cesarean babies end up in the NICU for one reason or another. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Here is the ad for the open house:

New C-Section Wing Open House. You're Invited Dec. 18, 2-5 P.M.
The One Place Where Getting a `C' Is Never Average
The first of its kind in Utah, a dedicated hospital wing for C-section
births at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Weber County. Please make plans
to join us for light refreshments, tours, prizes and more, as we unveil the
beautiful Cesarean Suites at the Family Birth Place that feature:

- Eight, brand new, special C-Section/postpartum suites
- Single-room maternity care
- Newborn / Transitional nursery
- An attentive staff, specialized in caring for surgical patients
- Larger-than-normal hospital rooms (about 1 ½ times bigger)
- A soothing, homelike ambiance with a very nice bed, flat screen TV,
Wi-Fi access, chair sleeper, and more
- Fully equipped rooms to handle any emergency for mother or baby
- Ronald McDonald Family Room

Call for more information at 801-479-2546.

Disgusted yet? Outraged yet?