Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Incentives for Cesarean Delivery?!

My stomach just lurched. Did you hear it? Some people tend to believe that my remarks about hospitals and doctors pushing cesareans are either paranoid or blatantly wrong. I ask you - if a hospital *wasn't* trying to make money off of this, why would they offer an open house with refreshments and door prizes?

It makes me absolutely ill to think of major abdominal surgery being talked about with such levity. "The one place where getting a 'C' is never average." ( Can't you just hear the airy laugh to go with that statement? )

This is a hospital in Ogden, touting it's newly opened Cesarean Wing. Aren't hospitals supposed to be making effort to REDUCE the number of cesareans performed? And I can assure you that they wouldn't have an open house complete with snacks and prizes if they were ONLY targeting the high risk women who NEED a cesarean to save the lives of their babies. That would be too small a number to open up a new wing in the hospital.

Where is their birth center wing, complete with birthing tubs, birth balls, and birth stools? Ah, but there isn't any money in drug-free, intervention-free birth. It's all about the surgery. The cesarean wing is complete with nice shiny flat screen TVs as well. Too bad mom will likely be in a drug haze and won't get to experience her "soothing, homelike ambiance" with said flat screen TV. :shrug: And don't forget to mention the state-of-the-art NICU that the cesarean babies will need, since we know that the majority of cesarean babies end up in the NICU for one reason or another. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Here is the ad for the open house:

New C-Section Wing Open House. You're Invited Dec. 18, 2-5 P.M.
The One Place Where Getting a `C' Is Never Average
The first of its kind in Utah, a dedicated hospital wing for C-section
births at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Weber County. Please make plans
to join us for light refreshments, tours, prizes and more, as we unveil the
beautiful Cesarean Suites at the Family Birth Place that feature:

- Eight, brand new, special C-Section/postpartum suites
- Single-room maternity care
- Newborn / Transitional nursery
- An attentive staff, specialized in caring for surgical patients
- Larger-than-normal hospital rooms (about 1 ½ times bigger)
- A soothing, homelike ambiance with a very nice bed, flat screen TV,
Wi-Fi access, chair sleeper, and more
- Fully equipped rooms to handle any emergency for mother or baby
- Ronald McDonald Family Room

Call for more information at 801-479-2546.

Disgusted yet? Outraged yet?


  1. I'm kind of torn on it, honestly. I hate the glamorization of c-sections, and I do feel like this makes it sound like a delightful romp in a hotel room. I hate these things that perpetuate the increase of c-sections, of shoddy health care, of turning moms into machines, of ignoring science, medicine, basic biology.

    Yet on the other hand, for those women who know that a c-section is eminent... and especially who may not be happy about it - I do like the idea of making the experience as comfortable as possible. I remember after my c-section, being first shoved into an "overflow" recovery room (read: closet with a bed), then next into a room shared with another new mom with the shrieky-est baby ever and just begging to be in a private room. I can imagine that automatically being afforded a place built specifically out of respect for the major event of surgery would be a benefit.

    So... I do take exception to the marketing, but not as much the idea. Just my .02.

  2. yes, this is disturbing! But, lets face it, this will appeal to so many women. we need to educate the public on the risks of c-sections, Lord knows the doctors and the hospitals aren't going to!

  3. Let me preface this by saying that I am most definantly NOT in favor of c-sections. But, as a woman that has had 4, I have to say that it is nice to know that there are nice conveniences for those of us that have to recover from surgery when bringing a new baby into the world. I will also say that the only c-section recovery I was really out of was one in which I had drugs during labor (big mistake). Not only do I remember the movies my husband and I watched during our hospital stays, but I was even to be up and scrap booking 2 days after birth (while still in the hospital).

    Again, I'm not pro-c-section, but I do think it's nice that hospitals try to make women that have c-sections more comfortable.

  4. This is disgusting. What about lactaction counsultants? What about a support groups for mother's who had unfavorable c-sections? What about promoting resources that improve bonding with the baby and family? No... it's all about the TELEVISION and WI-FI...seriously, after I had my baby, the last thing I needed was to watch television or play around on the computer. I needed support with breastfeeding, newborn care, and relearning to take care of myself, like sleep and nutrition. These are the necessities. I feel that this is overlooked in today's culture whether one has a vaginal birth or c-section. But, especially for a c-section mom, I believe that the need is even greater. I can recognise that c-sections are hard on the mother and this improvements will improve the comforts of the mother. My issue is that the ad contains an element of greed and consumerism that is revolting and taints the vision of benefit to the mother and baby. The problem is not whether women should be having c-sections - the majority of people can agree that the numbers are excessive - the problem is that the ad glamorizes a process that is not pleasant not matter the size or elaborate or technological the room. The problem is the ad seems to prey on women's vulnerability with the intent to pocket profits while offering women a cheap thrill at the expense of lives. The real needs of real women were not acknowledged by the ad, although they may be avaliable, which leads us to conclude that the big shots believe that tv's and wi-fi are what draws people in the doors. The people on high are missing the big picture - that women deserve the respect and support that can not be given by tv or internet. They need knowledgeble, caring, well-trained staff to guide and give holistic care to these mothers and babys.

  5. I came across your blog and just wanted to say that it is a womans right to choose how she births her babies. I have had 7 babies (3 singles and 2 sets of twins) and only had one vaginal birth. I can tell you that with the exception of my emergency c-section my planned c-sections were far easier to recover from than my vaginal birth. I was far less drugged after my c-sections than my vaginal birth....including my emergency c-section. I would have been able to enjoy the "homelike ambiance" just fine. I think it is extremely judgemental for people to say that women who have c-sections (and the doctors that push for them) are uneducated. I am actually a labor and delivery nurse and would much prefer to take the "risk" of a repeat c-section which is performed under a controlled environment than to have a mother try for a VBAC and need emergency assistance. I am very informed on the "risks" of repeat c-sections but women can die from a vaginal birth as well! The statistics at our hospital are about the same as far as complications from vaginal birth vs c-sections.

  6. Wow, I think that hospital wing is designed to make the husbands comfortable not the new moms. :-( Absolutely disgusting and definitely greed involved. After both of my c/s - one after labor and one scheduled - I only have a few memories after each. I don't think a flat screen tv or wifi would have improved that. WiFi might be nice so you can connect with your internet support groups, but I still think it can wait.

    I think every woman that has had a baby in a hospital REGARDLESS of the delivery method deserves a room like this and not just those having c-sections. :-(

  7. Disturbing on so many levels... why not provide women who MEDICALLY REQUIRE a surgical birth: lactation consultants, postpartum doula, hospitalist?

  8. My husband wants to know if when you pull up to the hospital they open up the roof of your car and pull you out through it or do they let you get out the door like you're supposed to?

  9. seriously??? a flat screen tv?? yet one more reason to ignore your baby and let us keep him/her out of your hair for the rest of your stay....NO!

  10. amyfarr, LOL. :) The post and feedback are eye-opening. Thanks for an interesting read.

  11. I just came across your blog and I have to say, the only revolting thing I'm reading is your post, and the comments from your supporters! Have you ever had a C-section? Do you have ANY idea how horrible it is to not only have to recover from birth, but also surgery?

    I had an emergency c section last year and wasn't drugged and out of it like everyone on here claims all c-section patients are. It was traumatic and my son and I almost lost our lives. Luckily, the c-section was what saved us both.

    We stayed in the regular birth suites (as I did with my first child-a vaginal birth) and it was nice to have a place that felt a little more like home than a regular hospital room.

    Now that I'm pregnant again and due next week, having a planned cesarean, I couldn't be happier about the new C-section wing. It gives me a quieter place to recover, it give my husband a quiet place to rest. It gives us a specialized environment to be with our child. By the way, Amybauman, babies sleep. A LOT. Am I to stare at the wall while he sleeps, or is it acceptable to entertain myself with tv? Why do you assume that a flat screen tv=inadequate parenting? Did you know flat screen tv's are more energy efficient, and inexpensive than tube TV's which are almost totally obsolete now? Maybe women who aren't as perfect as you (those opting for a repeat cs for whatever reason) should just request a broom closet with an old Zenith floor tv?

    How any of the commentators or you, can think MY choice of birth route is any of your business is beyond me.

    What is disgusting, revolting and disturbing is the arrogance you are all showing on a subject you clearly know nothing about. Luckily, I won't have women like you lurking around my room, criticizing me. My wing is off limits to the God-like mothers such as yourselves.

  12. I am glad they are making it nice for those of us who have CS. I had my first CS after a very long labor, and found out my baby was stuck, his head bigger than the pelvic opening. It was great, recovery was fast and easy and the hospital was great. No one pushed me into anything.

    The high CS rates include moms like ME who go on to CHOOSE repeat CS and have many more babies, the CS rates for first time Moms is much lower, about 12-14% depending on where you are.

    ALL MOMS should be supported in their choices. not just ones who HB

    Please remember that even though many CS are deemed unnecessary AFTERWARDS, without a crystal ball you just don't know which ones. I know a few Moms that either lost or had their babies brain damaged because the hospital was trying to reduce their Cs rates by "waiting to see" in situations that are usually automatic CS. How many babies need to die to save a mom from an unneeded CS? How would you like it to be YOUR baby?

    My CS turned out to be very necessary, but I wouldn't have taken a chance if it was unclear. It's just not worth it. And where I was, you could labor in any position, could Be in control of what went on, and inductions were not pushed. Not all hospitals are evil, and OBs DONT make more to do a CS- mine made $300 more.

    Hearing people rail against CS is just so tiring.....

  13. And there is nothing wrong with a nice TV and WIFI. My baby was in NICU, and I was bored outta my skull the hours I wasn't with him, before I was mobile. The hospital I was at didnt have WIFI or anything, but it wasnt better because of this.

    This attitude is so knee jerk. You HB mamas talk about CHOICE and good care, but when it's offered in a way YOU don't like- but others do- you hate on it. I would love a upscale CS room, just because you don't like CS or TV doesn't mean your choices are better than mine.

    why don't you start supporting ALL women???

  14. I wouldn't have known about this Cs wing, so thanks for letting me know. I LOVE the hospital I birthed at last time, but I would love this special CS wing even more. I know you posted it in disgust, but it's actually a great thing and Im excited to see it.