Friday, November 6, 2009

New Reason to Birth At Home : H1N1

Because of the H1N1 scare, Hospitals in Southern Utah are limiting visitors to only *2* pre-designated visitors for the entire duration of a patient's stay. This means that if you have older children, they will not be allowed to visit mom, or see their new sibling until mom goes home. Other members of the family will also not be allowed to visit, unless they are one of the two people allowed when mom was admitted.

This is from Dixie Regional Medical Center:

With the emergence of H1N1 cases earlier this year infection control professionals are anticipating a busy flu season. To keep the hospital as safe as possible for patients, Dixie Regional asks that all visitors be at least 15 years old. Children ages 14 and under frequently transmit viruses. Because the risk of H1N1 is higher for pregnant women and youth, on the 400 East Campus (where
women’s and children’s services are based) patients are also asked to designate two visitors for the length of their stay.
We have not seen a marked increase in flu cases yet, but believe it is wise to be proactive about potential spread of illness. Thank you for your support as we balance the desire for visitors to see loved patients with patient safety concerns. Further visitation restrictions may be implemented this fall or winter, if there is a significant increase in the number of patients being hospitalized with influenza. For more information about influenza or the most current updates on H1N1, please visit the Southwest Utah Public Health Department website: For more information about visitation at Dixie Regional, please call 251.2108.

When you birth at home, not only is the risk to baby and mom GREATLY reduced of contracting an illness ( common when visiting hospitals, after all, they *are* full of sick people! ), but mom is also allowed to have as many or as few people as she wishes to be present for her birth. Family centered birth is very important for families to grow and bond together. Don't cut your children or other loved ones out of your birth plan because of the flu season. Birth at home. :)

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  1. Wow, it's worse there than here!! In Cedar you're allowed to have 2 visitors at a time, but they can switch out. No kids under 14, and anyone that is sick can't come.

    This whole thing is getting completely ridiculous! I'm scared the hospital won't waive the policy once flu season is over, since it starts so soon afterwards and H1N1 is so "deadly".

    I agree tho, birth at home!!!