Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome to Joyful Birth Services Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! This is going to be my spot for birth news, studies, birth stories, and event notices.

If you got here from my Midwifery website, welcome! If you don’t know anything about that, go visit I am a Traditional Midwife, new to Southern Utah. I am passionate about giving babies a safe, gentle, and peaceful birth. This does not often happen in the hospital. And so many moms will say “I will see how this birth goes, and then if all is well, have my next at home. ” Unfortunately, you will only have THIS baby once. There are no birth do-overs. Doesn’t *every* baby deserve a peaceful birth?

I hope you enjoy this blog … I will be updating the look of it as soon as I can find the template I had picked out for it. Keep an eye out for news, new studies, and event notices!

Please email if you ever have any question about me or the services that I provide.

Happy browsing!

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